This blog is an archive of my learning and my friends at home, any recipes that have been written here is the result of our own work. This blog is very noble goal that is shared cake recipes to the public and other friends on the Internet in order to learn the cake that they do not know.

We do not feel that it belongs to our own blog, this blog is ours together reserved for friends very love of culinary in Indonesia, especially the traditional cake. But not only that, we share some cake recipes that are well known from other parts of the world so besides Indonesia we also practiced some well-known recipes from around the world.

Our expectations for the blogger friends who also take a culinary themes as a personal or business records can take the reference through this blog, but should include the source of our blog or undertake development of your own words so that no violations are detected as plagiarism. This blog is sheltered and protected by the DMCA system, any copyright violations committed by plagiarism we will report so that you can be exposed to penalties. I hope my friends can understand the intent and purpose we can cooperate well and on the internet, thanks. 6/05/2015